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Swingng Etiquette - how to guide for all swingers and wife swapping

Swinging Etiquette for all Swingers

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There are a few rules of etiquette when joing the world of swinging and swingers. Sometimes known as wife swapping or bored housewives here are our tips for entering a new world and lifestyle.

Oh yes, without wishing to sound like we are teaching you to suck eggs, make sure you protect whatever you are using to getonline, whether a mobile device or a laptop. There are some nasty malwares out there!


Hardware Protection:
Free Firewall Download: ZoneAlarm
Free Anti-Virus Download: AVG Anti-Virus

Personal Protection & Etiquette:
Reply to each couple individually. Don't send the same message to the all couples, ensure that you read their profile and reply to their information individually, don't sent a generic email of "hi, saw your information nice pic."

Also don't talk about yourself, your profile should be doing that for you if you have completed it correctly. However don't go overboard with too much flattery, simply explain what you and your partner are looking for and hope it’s the same. Remember that whatever message you send ensure it’s related to that couple.
Most couple's adverts are completed by men, very rarely we find women adding the details, and the photo is always of the female partner to attract you in. If you are attracted say so, but don't go overboard, remember this is someone's partner and they are NOT looking for a single relationship.

Ensure you answer all your emails to show you are interested. Don't ask for more photos, to a couple that is a red rag to a bull and only means one thing ‘timewaster photo collecting voyeur!’ If you don't like the person who has contacted you then just be honest and say no thanks. Turning people down is fine, and you may find you are turning more away than not, but you will find the right couples. Always be polite, if they don't like your rejection that's their problem not yours!

Meeting Up
For security purposes we always advocate meeting up in a local bar or swingers club, then at least you can have a drink and a chat before making any further plans.

Getting It Together
So you have decided to go for it with another couple, without us teaching you to suck eggs, or anything else for that matter, here are a few guidelines that you may forget about during your excitement!

Personal Hygiene
There is nothing worse than not being clean! Ensure you are clean and have brushed your teeth, and remember if you are a smoker other people detest it! Also if you are travelling any great distance to meet people then you may need to freshen up again on arrival.

Alcohol & Drugs
Most people in the swinging circles don’t use alcohol or drugs, though many of us do have a social drink. It does help you to relax a little at a party, but don't over indulge as not only will it hamper your personal abilities it can offend other people. We don't agree to any drugs even the sex pills like Viagra, they are too dangerous!

Safe Sex
It is up to you to protect yourselves and have Safe Sex. Condoms do not offend anyone and if you are seen to not take precautions and acting selfishly you will be asked to leave and most likely blacklisted!

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